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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Visionary Goal

The Office of Sustainability is committed to encouraging and facilitating the collaborative efforts of faculty, students, and staff to generate knowledge, acquire skills, develop values, and initiate practices that contribute to a sustainable, high quality of life on campus, in the state of Florida, and across the globe.

In keeping with this commitment, the UF Office of Sustainability brought together representatives from diverse stakeholder groups across our campus to develop a collaborative vision for campus sustainability. Between September and December 2006, over 100 members of the campus community gathered during fourteen sessions. Each group of representatives focused on a different topic area that corresponded with UF’s existing guiding principles for sustainability. A report on this effort is available online.

Throughout all the sessions covered by this report, recurring themes related the need for a culture shift and the creation of common/collective norms that support sustainability. Every group revisited the need for sustainability to become part of everyday life and operations on the UF campus – the need for the campus to be a living laboratory for sustainable practices. Participants expressed that evolving a culture of sustainability at UF would require committed leadership at all levels and a shared governance structure that empowered all members of the campus community to feel shared responsibility for our collective actions. In the coming months, the office will facilitate the development of strategic implementation plans that will enable us to realize these visions.