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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

FESC Summit Held

The 2009 Florida Energy Systems Consortium (FESC) Summit was held at the University of South Florida on September 29 and 30. Many researchers from the State University System gathered at this annual event to share information and showcase FESC research.

At the summit, one of the presentations by researchers from Florida State University discussed a project they have been working on involving studies on Energy and Sustainability in Florida Communities. Richard Feiock and Ivonne Audirac study the interactions and roles within Florida communities involving governmental implementation of sustainable practices and policies, focusing on the effects and responses to Florida's Energy Bill and Florida's Building Code Standards.

Their research has involved such areas as Energy and Climate Policy, Transportation Issues and Energy Cost Reduction. In their studies, they pose questions such as "How do community economic and environmental conditions influence innovation?" and "How do neighboring government initiatives influence innovation?" In the long term, they hope to expand this research into a national project.

The University of Florida serves as the lead institution for the Florida Energy Systems Consortium, a partnership between various Florida institutions for research on energy technologies in an effort to address Florida's energy needs in a sustainable manner. The consortium is headquartered here at the University of Florida with leadership team that consists of both UF alumni and faculty, as well as having an advisory board and representatives from the various institutions involved. FESC aims to become a leader in energy research, education, technology, and energy systems analysis.

More information can be found at FESC's website.