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Monday, January 4, 2010

“Battle of the Halls” Kicks Off

Residents looking to live more sustainably are in luck. The annual Battle of the Halls eco-challenge competition encourages residents to reduce resource consumption and compete for great prizes. The challenge aims to help students integrate sustainable practices into their daily lives and reduce their environmental impact.

Watch for bulletin boards and activities around waste reduction, water and energy conservation developed by Eco-Reps. The Sustainability Hut will also be tabling with fun, interactive activities at housing locations throughout January and February. Residents who are “caught green handed” doing environmentally conscious activities will be eligible for prizes.

During the months of January and February, residence halls at UF will be competing to see which group of students can reduce their water and energy consumption the most (based on a percentage reduction from last year’s readings). Points for the waste reduction competition will accrue throughout the challenge. Everyone can make a difference with small changes in their daily routines:

* reducing waste by recycling, printing double sided, and using a reusable water bottle or to-go container

* reducing energy use by turning off computers at night, unplugging electronics when not in use, and washing clothes in cold water

* reducing water use by taking shorter showers and turning off the water while brushing their teeth

The winning residence hall will be announced during the Earth Day celebration on campus, Wednesday, April 21. The winning team will win a trophy made from recycled goods and a celebration sponsored by the Office of Sustainability, a party from Gator Dining Services and a structural improvement to their hall.

It is our hope that all students will carry the skills they will learn with them into the future, implementing them for the rest of their time at UF and as they become citizens and leaders in the world.